Good Morning my friends. It’s Thursday which means it is one day closer to the weekend and time to chat with Amanda : )



1) I just came back from a quick 3 mile run for Day 4 of the RW Running Streak. This is my first time doing this and it is just what I needed before starting my marathon training in July for the MCM. Building base and motivation…loving it!


2) Speaking of running (not streaking, because that would be weird)…I am opening up 3 spots for my running coach services. I am so excited to be able to do this. I love supporting others in meeting their goals. Whether it be to run their first 5k or qualify for Boston. I am here for YOU! Email me at if you are interested : )

Okay, enough self promotion…moving on…

3) One day we will all be commuting like my little lady. Come on Google, let’s get these Self-Driving Cars in my price range.

google self drive

4) Sleep deprivation is a real thing guys. AND “Not sleeping enough and not sleeping well is not OK.” (WebMD says so as well). I am hoping little lady (pictured above) decides to sleep through the night soon! I have been walking around like a zombie and would be barely functioning. Thank god for coffee. Get in my veins!

iced coffee

No, this is not a recycled photo…

Yes, it is my 100th iced coffee of the week…

4) Our days have consisted of early morning runs, breakfast, work (while kiddos nap), lunch, afternoon walks, work (while kiddos nap), play time, dinner, bath time, story time, kiddos to bed, Ice cream binges with a side of Netflix and finally face planting into the mattress. It’s beginning to feel like Groundhog Day. Please tell Bill Murray I am a great candidate for a sequel. I have been practicing my role.


5) To “spice” things up around here, we went “wine tasting” at Trader Joe’s…real classy. We really went to buy a gallon of milk because we were out and have a toddler who will not go “nite nite” without his milk. While we were there, there I snagged some wine samples and may or may not have left with a few bottles.


Cheap wine that tastes good? #pourmeaglass

What is your favorite item to get at Trader Joe’s? 

Runs and cookies the size of my toddlers head

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