Paris Hilton + Stroller Warriors

Good Morning my friends! I hope you are enjoying your week so far and beginning to make some weekend plans to enjoy the summer.

It’s Thursday which means one thing,it’s  party time!


1. This morning I woke up really early to get some work done before the little one wakes. I’m still adjusting to our new schedule and so far it’s working out. I get my work done AND get to spend the day with my favorite little guy.

2. Mission accomplished. I managed to get rid of my son’s  runny nose and never ending cough. One of the reasons we took him out of daycare was due to the fact that he was getting sick a lot. I couldn’t stand to watch him feel so bad over and over. We loved our daycare and have nothing but good things to say about it. However, it happens when you get a bunch of toddlers together, they spread germs. No biggie, except for the fact that he’d come home sick at least once a month : (

3. We went out for an afternoon stroller run yesterday. It was cooler and less humid than it has been. However, it was pretty windy. You know it’s windy when the sailboats are being taken out. Too bad we can’t see the river from our house, we’d probably decide not to go. But by the time we see them, we are already half way done with our run.

photo 3

4. Always a good run when the little one falls asleep. (Note: at daycare he struggled to nap, at home he loves them). We walked to cool down. It was a great afternoon.

photo 2

5. Yes, I have been shaving my legs for over 15 years and still manage to bleed. One day I will be band aid free after a shave session…

photo 1

6. I just wasted several minutes of my life watching this video. Why? I have no idea. Maybe I feel sad for her? Paris Hilton, please stop making videos. And…

7. Leave the music scene to Jamey Turner and the glass harp (featured in National Geographic Magazine). He plays in our neighborhood (downtown) and we love listening to him.

Doesn’t the woman behind him resemble Paris Hilton a bit?

photo 4

8.  This morning we are warriors, Stroller Warriors that is. We are meeting up with a bunch of other mothers and kiddos to run and play. Can’t wait!

9.  I’m a bit confused and needing your help. We are going to a friend’s son’s birthday party this weekend. The invitation specifically states, “No gifts please”. I figure it refers to the baby whose turning one. However, I feel awkward coming empty handed. I was thinking about buying the parents movie tickets and offering to babysit for the night. What do you think? Is that okay?

10. We’ll I’m off to get the little one who is know jumping and clapping in his crib and ready to get the day started. I will be too after I have more coffee. Have a great day!

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