I confess, I have a bad ass addiction

Good Morning! Can you believe it’s already Friday? AND the last weekend of August?

It’s time for another Friday Confessions (where I also include some of my favorites from the week). Multi tasking at its finest ; )

I confess that I have been procrastinating on my long runs for this training cycle. Maybe it’s that I have yet to find a partner in crime to run with in our new town, or that I have to get them in on my lunch break (it’s HOT outside) or that I am just not pumping enough caffeine in my veins? ***The little ones have been waking a couple of times at night since daddy has been gone…leaving me TIRED!***

I confess that I am getting nervous about the above mentioned lack of long runs. I am usually pretty good about sticking to a training plan and REALLY want to run this marathon, but have so many things on my plate right now, that the long run just seems to take so long…(ha! see what I did there).

I confess that I have not stuck to my weekly grocery budget. Nope. I grabbed lunch out twice this week and even a few coffees from my new favorite place. The piggy bank is not happy with this.


Me: post run red faced and all…

I confess that I have not jumped on the Periscope bandwagon yet. Am I missing anything?

Gosh, I should do this more often. Getting these confessions out in the open leaves me feeling so much better.

Have a great Friday?

Anything you feel the need to confess from the week?

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