Fighting the flu

Good Morning my friends and Happy Friday! I wish I could say my return to the blogging world was off to a good start, but as you can see in my lack of posts, it’s not.

Our home was invaded by the flu for the past week. We are all beginning to return to “normal” functioning but not completely there yet.

In the midst of being down and out with the flu, I have been feeling left out of life. Does that make sense? Having to call in sick from work, missing out on my son’s professional haircut, going to the movies with the hubby, not being able to smell or taste any of the food I was forcing down, etc.


Luckily, I came across Julie’s recent post, which immediately helped me turn my attitude around. Thank you lady!

I thought it was time for me to join in on the fun.

Things I love more than I should:

  • A piping hot cup of coffee in the morning
  • A Netflix binge of Friends or Gilmore Girls
  • Ice cream with big chunks of cookie dough or peanut butter cups
  • When my cereal gets a little soggy but still with some crunch
  • Towels right out of the dryer
  • New shower gels
  • Being the first to wake up in the house and having some “quiet” time
  • Going to bed in a bed that has been made
  • Waking without an alarm

And of course, the things that are always loved 100% by me: My family, my dog, having a job I love, and having health.

Have a great Friday my friends!

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