Post Partum Half Marathon

Good afternoon my friends!

I am finally sitting down to write up a recap on last weekend’s half marathon…hopefully I will get through this post before the little ones wake from their nap : )

It all started with a phone call from my new neighbor. She asked me if I’d be interested in having a promo code for the upcoming VA beach Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon. I told her about my recent decision to not run MCM at this time and that 13.1 miles was a bit of a stretch at this point in my training. She stated that it was a “fun run” for her and that we would take it slow. I told her I would think about it…

Saturday morning, the kids and I walked over to our neighborhood farmer’s market and browsed the fresh produce and grabbed a piping hot coffee from the Three Ships vendor. ***Side note: I am so excited to have another local coffee place to enjoy***.

Lots of people were walking by us with their expo bags filled with various items, I took the kids to the expo to partake in the product testing and all the excitement that comes with race expos. Of course, I ran into my neighbor and she had that promo ticket waiting for me. Coincidence? Maybe…but also a blessing. I registered.

The following morning, I got to the starting line and had no expectations for the race. I am four months post partum and building my base. I started the first 5k strong and at a slower pace. By the 10k mark, I was feeling really good and picked up my pace. For the 15k mark, I continued to feel good and thought< “I should pick the pace up to get to the baby in time before she woke from her nap!”, so I pumped my arm and legs hard. I crossed the finish lone feeling strong in 1:43. I did not PR but I was happy for being back in the race scene and had a blast.

It sparked the racing bug in me and I have been ready to take training seriously. Currently, searching for a fall half marathon close to home.

Have a great Sunday! I am off to chop veggies, potatoes and fruit for a dinner I am hosting at our home tonight. Have a great evening and I hope to check in sooner than later next time ; )

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