Back to blogging!


Good Morning! How is your week going so far?

Mine is trucking along well and it is crazy that I am finally posting again!

Today, I will be filling in the gaps (the blog absence) and thank those of you who are still following this little blog!

Life has been happening. The last several months have been filled with chasing a toddler and adjusting to a new work schedule.

I got a new job (two actually)! I am the Project Director of an interesting research study (I will share more when I am allowed to) but for now, please know that this is going to be a very much needed addition to the already done research on military families. In addition, there will be a lot of new information to share in this field and I am excited to be part of it all. As a military family myself, this topic remains close to my heart.

My second endeavor is also in the field of psychology. I feel blessed to have both sides of the field covered by both jobs, the research side and the counseling side. I am counseling adolescents  and could not ask for a more rewarding job. We all have something that just speaks so dear to us and when we listen and fulfill that, we can feel so good! Do you guys know what I am talking about?!

On the running front, runs are happening, just not training for anything at the time. I deferred some of my races for later in the year. My heart was just not into running a marathon last year but I am feeling the itch to get back at it. In the meantime, I have been adjusting to a lot and it feels like a victory every time I get a short run in to begin with. Between the husband being gone on assignments, a running toddler, and adjusting to the new jobs, running is for sanity not training in my current season of life.

But I am running for two again!


Yes, we are expecting Baby #2 in April.

Little man will be getting a sibling.


Well, that’s all for today. Have a wonderful day my friends!


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