sugar + caffeine = happiness for me

Good Morning Guys! It’s time for another Friday Confessions!

I confess that I am loving the suggestions you have for what I should try with my hair. Thank you for your ideas, as I am lost in this area of life. Keep them coming please : ) (Remember, as a new momma, I am looking for a low maintenance style that is different than my current one).

I confess that we are a military family. I know that  I don’t mention my husband too much on the blog (for security reasons) but I can say we live the military life. Which is rewarding (serving our country) but also challenging at times (being away from one another at times). If there are any other military spouses/significant others who can relate, please reach out. We are in this together : )


I confess that I am loving that Easter is in stores already. So happy that I did not give up any type of sugar for Lent. Give me some NOW!


I confess that I am gearing up for a long run this weekend and nervous about it. Wishing I had a partner in crime to dominate the miles with. So far, no such luck. Oh well, guess that just means I better have a killer playlist to keep me company. Oh, and I”m sure my non stop thinking of a brain…will do a great job at keeping me company. Sometimes, I just need that thing to slow down! Anyone else have a brain that just does not stop??!!

I confess that I am addicted to coffee. Adding in an afternoon cup has been vital. Oh well, could be worse…


I confess that I have been doing great on cooking meals this week. Sure, they have been easy and nothing fancy…BUT they are making our bank account and tummies happy, so they are a win! (pasta + meat-sauce = cheap and yummy).

I confess I am a klutz. I hurt my knee by tripping as I went up the stairs. These are a flight of stairs in our home that I use daily, not sure whhy this time things didn’t work out well…giving me two bruised knees. Icing them now…


I confess that I am ready for the weekend. We have some exciting things planned and also some non exciting things planned. A great balance if you ask me. I hope to get in some family walks and a trip to the neighborhood park, some rest and sleep in and time with friends in. What are your weekend plans? Have an amazing Friday!

Your turn:

What’s your favorite kind of Easter Candy?

Do you prefer long runs solo or with another runner or group? 



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