Running a 6 minute mile, lattes and laundry (not related at all).

Good morning my friends! I hope you are doing well on this Thursday morning!

This morning I am joining  Amanda’s Thursday Link Up! (For those not familiar with this weekly link up, it a post of random thoughts, musings and pictures.Something I enjoy participating in…a chance for me to rant and have my random thoughts be a bit “organized” in a way).


1. I have been loving my runs this week. As I mentioned in my previous post, May is MOM month, the month of mileage. I am excited to be building it back up before I begin training for my October Marathon. This week I have been able to get some miles in before the others wake (really early mornings) and even a double day (a second run at lunch) on Tuesday! It was too nice outside to not go for a second run as a nice mid work day break!

2. Is it just me or is it getting to be summer way too quick? I feel as though we skipped out on Spring and went straight from Winter to Summer. I’m not complaining (even though it sounds like I am). I’ll take the warmer weather over the snow, any day!

3. I am ready for the weekend! With these early mornings (to get my run in), I’ve been relying more on coffee than ever…an afternoon latte is my favorite thing (alongside some chocolate) as I wrap up my work day. Must have the essential ingredients: coffee, flavored coffee creamer and almond milk.


4. I am missing spending more time with my little guy! He is growing up so fast! He doesn’t like to snuggle like he used to, Mr. Independent. Before I know it, he will be walking. I can’t believe it. I really need to finish “baby proofing” the house…AND planning his first birthday party. Any ideas on a theme? I am having a tough time choosing just one?!

5. Facebook got me into a time warp this week! I got a friend request from a friend I knew all the way back in high school. It is crazy how different my life is from back then and how getting this friend request instantly, momentarily, brought me back to my graduating class of 2000 (yes, I am aging myself). While we are on the topic of Facebook, Are we friends yet??!!!

6. Last week I was on top of the laundry. This week I am buried in it. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. At least I washed my car this week (it rained yesterday. What?! It got the job done).

7. My husband keeps asking me what I want for Mother’s Day and I keep telling him I will get back to him once I figure out which fall races aren’t full yet. Yes, I am always asking for $$ to be used as race registrations, whenever asked for gift ideas. Come on race directors, can’t you begin to make gift cards for registrations? It could make both my husband’s and my life easier. Thank you in advance!

8. Speaking of races, my race schedule is empty…until the MCM in October. I need to change this ASAP!  April included two amazing races and now I am left to pick one. I’d like to choose another half for the fall, so I can see where I am at with my marathon training. Any good ones you know of?

9. And for some an interesting read: How to run a 6 minute mile.

10. Okay, off to go do that work thing…Have a terrific Thursday!

Your turn:

Do you know of any half marathons I should do this fall? (preferably on the East coast)

Tell me how your week is going so far?!


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    Omg. That would actually be so freaking amazing if races had a gift certificate option. That would save me a LOT of money and friends/family the headache of trying to find me a gift. This needs to happen!

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    I’m signed up for the Newport liberty half in jersey city nj (not sure where you are). I’ve also been loving my runs with week although this morning the pouring rain put me on the treadmill.

    I am a 2000 grad as well. We are still really young :)

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    If you’re looking for spring, you’re more than welcome to come visit us up here in Alberta — we’re just barely getting out of winter! It snowed a few days ago, and I keep wanting to say that we’re in the clear, but you can never be too sure. It’s snowed here in June before, so I”m more than ready for a little bit more summer-like weather!

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    Hi Jenn! My name is Christine and I’m the writer for the Marshall Campus Rec Blog. I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check it out on the blog’s site. Keep up the good work!

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    (hey, i’m a new reader!)

    OMG. my little guy just turned one, and planning his birthday was more stressful than i should have let it be. for whatever reason i felt like i had to come up with a theme, and have stuff for both adults and kids, and remember all the different food allergies/aversions of all the different families. at the end of the day…it was way more relaxed that i imagined it would be. and since then i’ve been to several other first birthdays (i had never been to one before i threw ours)

    oh, and race entries are always on the top of my wishlist for all occasions.

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