DREAM BIG. Will you join me?

Good morning my friends! I last left you with my plan to create SMART running goals in conjunction with my Motivation in March theme for the month. I am so glad that I took the time to create a SMART goal of slowly increasing my weekly mileage. After recently being diagnosed with a medical condition, caring for a sick family member, being a new mom and transitioning jobs…I have had many obstacles to meeting my goal. However, I will get there; Mark My Miles! Hence, the name of the blog ; )

So…here I am setting up shop, at an ungodly early morning hour (little one has not been sleeping at night due to teething). And since it’s Wednesday, its time for, Write it Out Wednesdays. If you are new to the blog you can read all about this weekly series here.


As I  look back on past journal entires (some not shared on the blog) I love to see how I am growing closer to my God sized dream. Even though there have been obstacles (mentioned above) I am choosing to trust that these are occurring for a reason. I may be naive for believing this, but it helps me stay sane (running does as well) when times are difficult.

This week, I ask for you to join me for Write it out Wednesday. This week, I want to focus on slowing down in my life, enough to journal about where I envision my life going. By doing so, I can have hope that things will improve and become brighter.


Please take a minute to grab a cup of coffee or tea, your journal or a blank computer screen and answer these questions for yourself:

  • Do you have a God sized dream?
  • If so, describe it in detail on paper.
  • What is it?
  • Why do you want this?
  • What will you have to do now, to get it started?

Once you are done, I encourage you to return to these pages and reflect on them regularly. Practice visualizing your dream. You can even make a visualization board of your dream.

You CAN do this, my friend.

Keep going.

Keep believing.

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Your turn:

What is a dream of yours?


  1. says

    Dream Big was my team’s motto for swimming so it’s the one I tend to live by to this day. My dream: to find a job I love in Boston for when I graduate. That’s all I care about right now. That, and being 100% healed so I can get back to running again.


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