Empty Laundry Baskets!

Good morning my friends!

This morning I am joining  Amanda’s Thursday Link Up! (For those not familiar with this weekly link up, it a post of random thoughts, musings and pictures.Something I enjoy participating in…a chance for me to rant and have my random thoughts be a bit “organized” in a way).


1. Where has the week gone?! I feel as though it was just Sunday evening and I was foam rolling the heck out of my legs from my half marathon that morning. Oh man, I am still on a “runner’s high” from that race. I loved the energy of it and hope to run another Nike race again. Actually, where has this month gone?! Can’t believe it’s already May!

2. As fast as this week has gone by, I was so sad to have missed my weekly bible study. With all of my life changes recently, I have been a bit of a nervous wreck (Obviously, change is a challenge for me…as much as I love it). This week has been filled with lots of prayer! Sometimes I have to really remind myself that I am not in total control, but rather “Let go and Let God”. Some things are really worth reminding myself of day in and  day out. By repeating this to myself, I feel calmer about my life decisions.

3. Running has been going great this week! I haven’t been too sore from my race, but I have playing it smart by only doing easy recovery runs and just enjoying the time on my feet. Just enjoying my time before I begin training for the MCM!

4. I have to admit that balancing my  new schedule has been tough, but with time I will get in the swing of things. Tuesday night I went to bed when the little one did at  8 p.m…(yes it was still daylight out but I was exhausted)!

5. Birthdays call for pizza delivery in this house! AND plenty of birthday cake and ice cream. So glad we have leftovers of all three…I know what dinner tonight will be! Yum!

6. Laundry at my house is officially completed (for the moment) Love the sight of empty laundry baskets!

7. Yesterday, it rained ALL day and I was so tempted to stay in my pj’s and have a “sick day”. Really wish we could have “rain days” the same way we had “snow days” this past winter. Anyone else wish the same?

8. I am off to feed the little one and then get a quick run in before my big appointment with the dentist (I hate going). Have a terrific Thursday!

Your turn:

Do you have a mantra that you repeat to yourself that helps calm you?

How have your runs been this week?!



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    Let Go and Let God sounds like a perfect mantra. I wouldn’t really say that I have one to repeat when times get rough, but I do make sure to make a conscious effort to practice some deep breathing throughout the day. I find that when I get stressed out, my breathing gets really shallow and I take less breaths overall, which only makes me tired and MORE stressed, so remembering to breathe is kind of a big deal for me 😆

  2. says

    Pizza, cake, AND ice cream? You just named my favorite meal. I’m so tired of this rain. I swore it was never going to end. I was actually afraid to open my shades this morning to see what it looked like outside. So far, so good.

  3. says

    New schedules are always rough. It’s even rougher when it feels like you have no control over it in the beginning! I believe that you’ll be able to soldier through. I mean, it’s just a few days out of your life, right?

  4. says

    I love PJ days, but hate the rain and snow. Sounds like you know how to celebrate bdays right! I nominated you for a Liebster Award, check out the details on my blog now :)


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