It’s Mamalete Day!

Good Afternoon my friends! How is your weekend going?

I am just popping in really quick to wish you a Happy Mamalete Day!

Run Gia Run came up with the brilliant idea of creating this Movement. It is geared towards inspiring mothers to live a healthy life for themselves and their children. Awesome idea, huh?!

As a new mother myself, I can relate to being a Mamalete, a woman who adores her sport and knows that she is a better person with a little sweat in her day.

I can’t tell you how much of a better person I am after I get my run in for the day. Love the post run feeling and it leaves me being a better worker, wife and mother.

So what do you say we celebrate! Here’s how:

589x456xMamalete-Day-2014.jpg_thumb.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ASHtLZ_JbmYour turn: 

What is your favorite way to sweat?



  1. says

    mamalete! i LOVE it! while i don’t always feel like a mamalete, i do love that running has transformed my life. made me a better person and hopefully a better mom. i also love to work up a good sweat at jazzercise (trust me, there are no unitards or leg warmers!) it mixes cardio, strength and stretching. with all the core work and hip strengthening its the perfect compliment to running. and getting to shake it doesn’t hurt either :)

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