IV + Clothing without walls + Running out of gas.

Good Morning my friends! I have to apologize for my absence in posting this week. I was dealing with some medical tests that had me staying over night in the hospital and away from my computer. I am okay for the most part but still waiting on some results.

I’ll spare you the picture of my arm with an IV (for those who fear needles and/or blood). I only bring this up because I found myself thinking as they poked my arms…”You know you are a runner, when you are thinking about how the IV will help you stay hydrated for your long run this week…” (If doctor clears me for it). Weirdo? Yes, I already know this about myself.

Because of my not feeling so well this week, my runs have been non existent. This is frustrating for me, because I am just starting my training for my marathon in October. Patience is being practiced big time!!! In the meantime, I stare at my training plan that I created using my coaching skills and try to critique it. OCD tendencies at its finest…

Also reading articles like this one, makes me want to run NOW!

Did anyone else hear about this “new to me but has been around” athletic apparel line by Urban Outfitters, Without Walls? I love Urban Outfitters and am surprised it took me so long to discover this.

I am so surprised that it is already the end of May. is anyone see surprised how fast this month went? I can’t believe we are entering June! I look back at the month and realize there are many things I intended to get done this month but have failed to do so. Conveniently,  I ran across this article about Procrastination and am putting it to use as soon as I hit the publish button for this post.

And this is embarrassing…Procrastination at its finest…Good thing there was a gas station within a 0.5 miles from where I was!



Your turn:

Have you ever run out of gas before?

What are your plans for this weekend?! 




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    I’m always scared I’ll run out of gas since i tend to cut it very close, but so far I’ve lucked out. I hope your test results come out favorable and you can get back to running ASAP! And can definitely relate to weird runner thoughts like the IV hydration one. We are a quirky bunch :)

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