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Good morning  my friends! I’m sorry for being away, life got really busy with lots of changes and unfortunately, this little blog was neglected. I have to say though, that I missed writing regularly and I am hoping to be able to manage my time better so I can keep at it!

Why not celebrate being back by joining in on the Monday Morning Party?!

Marvelous is the Spring weather! I cannot believe how nice it has been outside and how much better my mood is based on the weather. Does anyone else feel happier when it’s sunny out?

Marvelous is my running! Recently, I ran two amazing races and am excited that my motivation is back full force (thank you sunshine).

I even PR’d at my half marathon (1:34:00) Yesterday,  I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and let me tell you, we ladies (and a few gentlemen) ran DC! This was my first time running this race and I had such a blast.  I wasn’t feeling fully prepared for the race (as in I didn’t follow a training plan) and was surprised at how well I did! Just shows me how much I need to work on the mental aspect of running, believing in myself more!




The finisher’s medal is not too shabby ; )


Two weekends ago, I ran the MCM 17.75k and was challenged by the course. Some of the course was on trails and there were a lot of hills. But  I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I ran a solid race, which got me access into the Marine Corp Marathon in October. Excited to begin my training in a few months!

Marvelous is deciding to keep my hair long. After a few weeks of debating whether or not I should chop my hair off, I am glad that I didn’t. My new schedule leaves me little time to get ready in the mornings and a top bun does the trick for now.

Marvelous is finally figuring out some tough life decisions. When I last wrote about possibly being a  SAHM, a job offer came my way that I just couldn’t pass up. As much as I was looking forward to spending all my time with my little man, I had to take this offer. It was a difficult decision to make but one that is working for our family at this time.

Marvelous is birthday cake this week! My husband’s birthday is this week and I am planning to get the yummiest cake out there. Any recommendations on where to find it in the DC area?!

Marvelous is returning back to blogging. Man, have I missed you guys!

Your turn:

How has your running been?

Have you been enjoying the Spring weather? 


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    I just saw from Ashley’s blog that you’re a new mom, so am I! 😀 I am also planning on running another marathon in October! I am a little nervous about training for it just because I know how much work it is to get out the door for a run. Ummm…amazing PR!! My goal for my half this September is 1:40! I have 3 minutes to shave off, so let the work begin:)

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    Congrats on your PR! That looks like a great race….and that medal!? Holy wow!!! I am right there with you in the hair cutting thing, I was deciding the same thing as it kinda gets heavy on my head in the summer….but I am gonna bun-it too :) AND yes!!! Marvelous is birthday cake! One of my favorite things :)


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