Monkey poop + Coffee+ Grave yard shift

Good Morning my friends! Are you ready for another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday? I am, so let’s get started!


1. As I mentioned yesterday, I am cleared to run. So excited  to get back to my training for MCM!

2. On my trip to Starbucks yesterday, I got to thinking about my name.What is it with our names?  It feels good when someone remembers them, spells them the right way, pronounces them correctly, calls them (as long as they’re being nice, of course), or nick-names them (again, when they’re nice).  Our names differentiate us, identify us, and sometimes tell a story about us.  They’re personal.

So…when this happened again…I felt bummed .

(A note to those who don’t know me, I spell my name, Jenn)


3. When you  are reading this, I will be stuck in the dentist chair getting a root canal (true story). I will do my best to close my eyes and pretend I am actually on a plane to attend Blend instead. I have never been and really want to. Can’t wait to read all the recaps and cry uncontrollably feel like I am there myself.

4. I also wouldn’t mind being on a plane for a weekend full of races at the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill race weekend. Now, I am jealous of  those who are attending and wish I could as well. But in all honesty, I wish you all a fantastic weekend and great races. Maybe some PR’s will happen too??!!

5. I have surprisingly been in a good mood this week. Maybe it’s been the return to running? Not sure. But there has been a major switch to my work schedule that this “early to bed and early to rise woman” is handling pretty well. I was switched to the overnight shift at the hospital I work at. Never would I have thought I would be okay with this! I guess you learn something new about yourself everyday (oh, and thank you coffee for helping through this transition).


6. Speaking of discovering new things about myself, I have always boycotted going to the circus and zoos because I don’t agree with caging animals or exploiting them. However, My son is fascinated with animals and I put my beliefs aside so he can smile and wave at the elephants and monkeys without any potential dangers. We went to the zoo. He loved the monkeys (and they threw poop at me…true story).

I was all smiles before the poop attack.


7. I will leave you with this…what I came home to this morning after my night shift…

Two goofy guys!



Your turn:

Anyone going to Blend or Runner’s World Weekend?

Are you a coffee drinker?


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