Six and Seven, Sunny and Sweaty Miles.

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with visiting family in Florida and getting some sunny and sweaty miles in. I cannot tell you how ready I am for warmer temps in DC. After running in the sun, I really want to return to the cold.

Today is another Monday, which only means; it is Maniac Monday!

On Saturday, I got up bright and early to get in Six for Saturday. My motivation was low as I stayed up too late on Friday watching movies and eating way too much chocolate…but I got the run done. The remainder of the day was spent at the conference for my non profit organization (which the website was recently hacked and all my work is now lost!) , followed by a dinner out with family and lots of cuddles with my little one.

Maniac Status? Yes, figuring I haven’t been running much outdoors and in the sun. I was reminded of how out of shape I am for outdoor running. Humbling, really…

On Sunday, I got dressed in “real people clothes” (clothes other than running attire) and attended an encouraging church service. The message was something I needed to hear. Funny, how God works that way…always sending me a message when I am needing to hear it the most.


After church and s super yummy brunch out, I helped my mom clean her house and got her things organized. I always love putting my OCD to good use helping others organize. After several hours of clearing clutter, I took advantage of the sunny weather and ran Seven for Sunday. It was just the run I needed to build some confidence for the Month of March. I’m going to name it Motivating March…needing to find my inner motivation, as I have a strong Spring Race Schedule.


Maniac Status? Yes, figuring I have cleaned her whole house in an afternoon and did her grocery shopping and prepare dinner. I was on a roll and went with it…exhausted now… but man, I love days where I actually get my her “to do” list completed : )

Have a Marvelous Monday!

Your turn:

How were your runs this weekend? 

Anyone else like organizing things?

Are you looking forward to anything exciting coming up this week?






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      I’m not sure what it is . It may be that you already are tired and sweaty, mind as well do things that keep you that way? Good question! Are you enjoying the snow day?

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