Sneaky Sunrise Run

Good morning my friends! I can’t believe it is Saturday already! We have a pretty low key weekend planned (which I am excited for…tired).

I am putting together some thoughts on a fun idea I have for May that I hope you will join me in  (plan to post it this week). But in the meantime, I am going to entertain bore you with my exciting Friday night plans. They may have or may not have included the usual Netflix and ice cream in my pj’s…but before that occurred, I did get pampered!

The weekend kicked off with me getting a massage. Last night,  I  finally used my Valentine’s Day (I was saving it like gold) gift card and enjoyed a relaxin evening.

massage envy

Thursday night’s dinner was leftovers from the birthday festivities.I am sad to say that we are all out of pizza and cake now. Thankful for the ice cream and Easter candy we still have!

pizzaIt is the season for grilling! I love grilling out (less pots and pans for me to wash) and the food can be so  flavorful. Last night we  grilled up some fish and steak. I used Anne’s recipe for the fish and it was so good!

Last night, our little family of four (dog included) also went on a nice walk after dinner. I am so grateful for the warm weather. We love our walks! And we even made a stop at the our local Papyrus for some Mother’s Day card shopping (Now…if I can only remember to send them out on time).  I love that store, I’m a sucker for greeting card messages.


This morning began with a nice six mile run before sunrise. I love getting my miles ran, get showered and be back in my pj’s all before the hubby and baby wake. It makes me feel so sneaky accomplished. Now for a breakfast of eggs and toast and  sipping guzzling of my  coffee.

Have a great Saturday!

Your turn:

What were your exciting Friday night plans?!

Are you a sucker for greeting cards too?


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