Stay at home parents, I need your help!

Good Morning Guys! It’s time for another Friday Confessions!

I confess that I still haven’t made any changes to my hair. Remember, how I mentioned last week needing some ideas, well I failed at making an appointment. Partly, because life has been super busy and partly because I haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I am loving the simplicity of my current cut but craving something fun too…Dilemma.

I confess that I am needing ideas on how to get our nine month old to sleep through the night. He wakes up crying and it seems everything we do: change him, feed him, etc doesn’t seem to work. He does stop crying once he’s held though. Which makes me wonder if he’s just crying to be held? Parents? What do you think we should do? Any tips on how to get him to sleep through the night?

I confess that part of the problem with him not sleeping through the night could be that he isn’t getting his naps in during the day. Our current child care situation isn’t ideal. He cries when the other baby cries and is unable to nap. We are working on coming up with another solution for child care, one that has him napping. Again, any suggestions?

I confess that my runs have been going great, they have been kept short, but they are good. Especially, figuring we are still waking several times during the night. Sleep deprivation affects training for sure. Don’t ever underestimate the power of sleep, my friends!

sleep deprivation

I confess that my blogging this week hasn’t been stellar due to not too much happening to report. Pretty much trying to adjust to making parenting choices and hopefully have some answers soon. Who knows, I may be transition to being a stay at home mom (SAHM) during the week and continue working part-time on the weekend. Any other parents recently make this transition? If so, was it scary to adjust?

Your turn:

Any tips on getting your child to sleep through the night?

Any “stay at home” parents out there?


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    I wish I could help with the sleeping through the night. E is still waking up to eat – at 11 and 3. I’m tired! The only thing I CAN tell that’s worked, that you probably wouldn’t love to hear is crying it out. And agreed that a better nap situation would help! I hope you can figure something out.

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    The only thing that got our kiddo to sleep through the night was making him cry it out. We waited excessively long to do it – I think he was 17 months old) but it was time. He is now 22 months and he is going through some more mental changes that I think he is waking up with nightmares and screams terrible screams with the sobbing cries that I do go get him which has sort of negated the sleep training we did a few months back… Let me tell you, you will feel like the worse parent in the world when you do it, but it was literally three nights of some sobs and he doesn’t remember those times, and you will be little more happy as you also slept. But I, myself, have yet to sleep through the night, i keep waking up!

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    Hey love!

    Sorry to hear about the rough nights of sleep for little guy! Rocco was sleeping all night, then teething came, then a cold came, and now we are back to sleeping all night. It’s like a roller coaster I tell ya 😉

    Rocco takes a 20 minute nap in the morning, and at 1pm I put him in his crib for a long nap. Usually he is ready and sometimes falls asleep playing before I put him down for a nap in his crib. I put him in his crib every day at 1pm, put music on, and he is out like a light within 5 minutes!

    Each baby is different. and I hope you figure out how to get little man to nap! Just wanted to share how we do it!

    Happy week! <3

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    Stay at home mom to 3 kids here! no advice to get them to sleep! My 3 year old still comes in my bed overnight…the other 2 are fine, I think it just takes time if nothing else works. The problems I’ve had crying it out are that, while it works in the short term, you have to continue doing it every time there’s an “upset” like travel, illness, teething, etc, and I never had the heart to do it over and over. No easy answers with kids, but every phase (bad and good) DO pass. good for you to be running! I wasn’t running at all when my 1st was 9 months.

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      I agree with the problem with crying out being something you have to do again and again…it’s hard. But thank you for the encouragement that all phases (both good and bad) DO pass. Running is keeping me feeling sane these days : )

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