Sweaty clothes + Irish food

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with yummy food and some nice outdoor miles. Let’s get going with  Maniac Monday!

Saturday I was able to run 7 pain free miles (note: My klutziness caused some knee pain). It was just me and the trail (and other early morning runners). Love weekend runs because I can get them in bright and early (hubby is home to watch the little one) instead of having to wait for lunch time, which is my norm during the work week. I really needed this weather, run and mix of music. Feeling excited for Spring Training!

Maniac Status? Yes, because I felt on cloud nine the whole run. You guys, it has been a LONG time since I felt so good on a run. I really don’t do well on treadmills, my motivation lacks and my pace slows and I feel sluggish. Get me outdoors? And I’m a wild women…speedy…happy (Warning: I WILL have a silly grin and wave at you, if you are on the same path as me) and I even have a spring to my step (Probably not going to be the same as I begin longer runs…it’ll be more of a marathon shuffle).

Saturday afternoon was spent refueling with Corned beef and cabbage, irish beer and dessert. Could it get any better? St. Patrick’s Day in DC was a snow day…we missed out on festivities…so what better way than to take the holiday back and celebrate properly? Have a St. Patty’s day celebration with friends and good food. My little leprechaun had a blast socializing. He loves people!

Maniac Status? Yes, because even after all the good food that was served, I still ended my night polishing off a good amount of this. Love that the Easter bunny came early this year. Hoping he won’t disappoint on the real day. Pretty sure he won’t. He’s been reliable so far.


Sunday morning was spent getting some quick miles in before church and brunch with my little family. Again, loving sunrise miles and the fact that I got to wear my spring jacket instead of my winter one.

Maniac Status? Yes, because that Spring jacket needs to be washed. I was gutsy for wearing such a stinky thing around others. Confession, After a sweaty run, I don’t always wash my jackets and instead hand them to dry…I know, it’s gross but I am not claiming to be a pretty smelling lady at all hours of the day.


After church and brunch, I spent some time with a good friend of mine. We spent some time catching up.

Maniac Status? Yes, because it’s  been too long since I’ve foam rolled! I know, I know…I am a hypocrite…I write about the importance of foam rolling but fail to practice it regularly. So here it is,

“I Jenn, commit to foam rolling at least four times a week”.

foam roller

And finally, this morning is perfect, due to a new package in the mail (thank you Nespresso and Amazon prime).

Maniac Status? Yes, because the moment I stocked up, I finally felt whole and that all is right in my world again. Depenednt on caffeine? Yes, and that’s okay wth me right now. Seasons of life my friends, seasons of life call for different things.


Now, go have yourself a Marvelous Monday!

Your turn:

What is one thing that makes today Marvelous?
Are you a coffee/latte/espresso drinker? 


  1. says

    Yay for having a great 7 mile run! I don’t know how you made it through the winter!!

    I need to be better about foam rolling too. Ugh, I love it, but I hate it.

    • says

      I barely made it through the winter. First time living somewhere it snows and we have had so many snow days. Let’s make a pact to begin foam rolling together ; )

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