Thank you for the brave!

Good Morning my friends! This is an extra special good morning because it’s a Saturday of a long weekend! Its Memorial Day weekend. Being a military spouse, I must take a moment to say thank you to all of the men and women who have served or are currently serving our nation. THANK YOU!

memorial day

This morning started off with a nice leisurely breakfast of eggs, bagels and fruit and several cups of coffee : ) 

Our grand plans of the weekend include relaxing and spending time with friends. I am also looking forward to getting a much needed pedicure…It will be the first of the season! Is it just me or do runner’s feet require a lot of attention when going for a pedicure?!I am already apologizing for the amount of buffing required. 

How about those Memorial Day sales? My inbox is filled with announcements of deals. The one that has caught my eye the most so far? Old Navy’s 50% everything sale! What a great deal, huh? I am on the hunt for a cute bathing suit outfit for the little guy. Swim suit shopping is so much more fun for him, than for me!

I am not brave enough to cut my hair…yet (maybe some day) but I have been loving these Summer Styles!

I am so glad that my little family doesn’t mind simple and cheap dinners because this week has been a week of “throw everything in a bowl and call it a meal” combos. An example? Last night’s rice, beans, a bag of frozen mixed veggies and ginger dressing thrown in a big bowl and served as a meal. Makes my life easier. I really should begin meal planning again…

Okay, off to sort through some laundry and get a nice walk in for the day. It’s a sunny day and I want to enjoy the weather. Have an amazing Saturday!!!!

 Your turn:

What are you Memorial Day weekend plans? 


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    Our (Canadian) long weekend was last weekend and we spent some time with family, hung out with our little baby and went to the park downtown! I’ve been trying to stretch our food this week and have made chicken soup, turkey meatloaf and a ton of thai chicken thighs! It always surprises me with what I have in my pantry + freezer. Yay to quick meals!

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