The Clean Machine is ME!

Good Morning my friends! It is time for another Friday Confessions post (#6). Do things look differently around here? Remember when I said, I was going to have this blog redesigned? Well, here it is…hope you like it! Speaking of likes, I really could use some more LIKES on my Facebook page…I only have a lonely 2 : )

I confess that I am so appreciated of all the welcoming and supportive comments on yesterday’s post. You guys are awesome. So glad, I joined the blogging community : )

I confess that “Clean one thing a night” is still going strong! Last night, I managed to go through my closet and pack some clothes and bags that I haven’t worn in the past year. Granted, I was pregnant for part of it so they didn’t stand a chance to be worn over maternity clothes, but still…they needed to be donated.

Very much needed de-cluttering.

I confess that I am keeping this post short because my mom came to visit me and my son! She came in late last night and her visit is very much-needed. Dove chocolates have been a great source of comfort, but I ran out and nothing replaces the comfort of my mom when life is sad right now.


I confess that I need to commit to a training plan for my upcoming races. I have been really relaxed in my training as I am going through a difficult time, but seriously? Enough is enough. I know that running is good for my soul and sanity. It’s time to Just Do It (courtesy of Nike).

running changed my life

Your Turn:

What are your favorite training plans for an upcoming race? Do you follow one?

What is one thing that helps you feel better when you feel sad?


  1. says

    Your blog redesign looks great!!

    Umm – can you come clean out my house when you’re done?? There’s so much I want to throw out but I don’t have the energy (or time). Sigh.

    I’m on the hunt for some training plans too. I haven’t created a formal plan in a few years. This is going to be… interesting.

    • MarkMyMiles says

      Thank you Michelle, I’m liking it a lot.

      I would come to your house to clean but I am forcing myself to get my own things done.

      If you find any plans, send them my way : )

    • says

      I love that you have a running coach! It does make training much easier. I am a running coach and find that it is so much easier to train other runners than myself :)
      MCM should be awesome and I hope you follow me through my training for it.

      I look forward to following your blog as well : )

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