The sunshine in the rain.

Good Morning my friends! Today, I’m going to have to keep things short and sweet, as I have a train to catch to sunny Florida (which could not have come at a better time because yesterday, this happened):

snowy shoes

But I’m looking forward to having more of this in Florida:

sunny shoes

Since it’s Wednesday, its time for, Write it Out Wednesdays. Read all about this weekly series here.

Recently, on my blog there has been some talk on learning to find the sunshine in the rain, and how I am learning to find strength during life’s difficult time. Well, it’s time to share with you what I’m speaking about. I won’t go into too much detail to protect family members involved, but I do feel you should be clued in. Recently, there has been a series of hardships I have been enduring. One starting with a loss in my family, quickly followed  by some health news of my own that has been difficult to accept,followed with serious health news of a close and dear family member in Florida (which is why I am taking the trip down there).

Last month, I resigned from my job and have been looking for another. Once this happened, the first set of sad news came in, and I knew it was time to step back from the applications, and instead step into prayer. After weeks of prayer and discussion with my husband and extended family, I now have some direction. Currently, I am blessed to be a stay at home mother as well as begin taking care of my extended family. Three years ago I founded a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Luckily, I can continue to run this from both DC and Florida : )

It’s a decision my husband and I made and are feeling peace with. We don’t know how long this will be for, but for the moment, it feels right. You will be hearing about my back and forth adventures from DC to Florida (I’ll be racking up my frequent flyer miles for sure).For those of you whom have asked about why my husband and son are not a big part of the blog, I will tell you it’s because I am respecting their privacy at this time. My husband’s current job is one of top security and there are parts that I can share and others that I can’t. In the future, I do plan to include them more because they are a BIG part of my life!

I hope you guys understand and please feel free to ask me any questions you have. I love hearing from you and as always love to share more : )

Your turn:

If you have a blog, do you include family members?

Have you ever experienced a series of hardships within a short time frame?


  1. says

    Sorry you’re going through a tough time. It’s awesome that you are able to be there though – even if it means long commutes and lots of air miles.

    I’d like to think I blog a little bit about my family, but not enough to embarrass my kids or give people a false impression. I think there’s a fine line!

    • says

      Thank you Michelle, for the encouragement. I agree, I love the balance that you found on your blog and look forward to when I can include more. Did you decide on a training plan? : )


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