Warrior Meal saved the day!

Good morning my friends! How was your Monday? Mine was pretty productive. It included a short run, laundry, washing the floors,vacuuming, cooking, story time at the bookstore and some working at my non profit organization. Phew…

Good thing I found a new to me bar to snack on that helped me get through my day! Whole Foods was giving out samples of this bar on Saturday and after trying one, I just had to take one home with me. So Yummy!!!

warrior meal

Back to the above list of things, specifically the one where it no longer includes overnight shifts and sleeping during the days. Yes, I am staying home full time with my son and loving it! I was trying to juggle working part time (when he was sleeping at night) and sleeping part time when he was in daycare part time. My plan did not go as originally planned but this is one time I’m glad it didn’t ; )

As a founder of a 501 © 3 non profit organization, I am able to work mostly from home except for the occasional traveling and speaking events. I love my work and feel blessed that I can also be home with my son.

Monday  we go to story time at the book store. Little man listens to the story and tries to pull others kids hair (his way of showing affection) and I guzzle down my Starbucks and binge read Runner Magazines (too cheap to subscribe to them myself).


After story time, we hit up Target. I was on a caffeine buzz and little one just being himself! I’m surprised between the two of us that we weren’t asked to leave the store. Good thing we were allowed to stay and continue our shopping because we would have left without our beloved Justin’s almond butter…which is on sale now at Target.

Before I went to bed I checked my email and found this offer waiting in my inbox. I had no idea this race existed. I plan to do it next year. But for those of you who may still want in, the offer is good for you too! If you run it, please share photos with me of race day.


Well, I’m off to get some work done before the little one wakes. Have an awesome Tuesday!

Your turn:

What is your favorite “meal on the go” bar?

Have you ever run a themed race? If so, which one?

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